Three easy questions should give you a better idea as to whether or not your firm may qualify for TAA grant assistance.

  • Have you experienced a recent decline in sales?
  • Have you suffered a recent decline or are you facing an impending decline in employment?
  • Is there foreign competition in your industry?

The RMTAAC staff will work with you to assess your eligibility. Contact Us to find out if you qualify for Trade Assistance.

How does the TAA Program Work?

How Does the TAA Program Work?

There are three phases to program. The process is generally simple.

Step 1: Application

RMTAAC will provide an initial consultation to assess your firm’s eligibility and prepare an application on your behalf. Any information provided to RMTAAC is held in the strictest confidence. This first phase takes approximately 2-3 months to complete, depending on the accessibility of company information.

Step 2: Analysis Plan

Upon approval of your application, an RMTAAC Project Manager will work with your management team to develop a customized plan to identify projects that will most benefit from allocation of grant funding. This plan will include an industry review and competitive analysis. To assure company buy-in to the plan and cost shared funding, the Department of Commerce charges the company 25% of the plan development cost. This second phase usually takes only two months to complete.

Step 3. Implementation

Upon approval of your firm’s analysis plan, your firm may move forward with the projects identified within the plan to strengthen your business. Once accepted to the program, our partnership generally lasts 2-3 years.